Louisville Cardinals athletes now have comprehensive health care at their side

When you see a Louisville Cardinals athlete, there will be a sports health specialist nearby.

It could the in the training room, on the field, on the court, or at any competition or practice.

Norton Sports Health, with its team of sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers and others, is now the official health care provider of the Louisville Cardinals.

Skilled Specialty Health Care Providers

Norton Sports Health will provide UofL athletes with “a comprehensive team approach that really has no holes,” said Ryan J. Krupp, M.D., orthopedic surgeon and medical director at Norton Sports Health.

“We’ve got top-notch providers in all areas of medicine, so regardless of the issue affecting one of the athletes, we have someone who can address whatever it might be. That’s not the case for most places. It’s very unique,” Dr. Krupp said.

University of Louisville athletes will get care from physicians, including surgical and nonsurgical orthopedic specialists; Tad D. Seifert, M.D., neurologist and one of the leading concussion experts in the country; arm and hand doctors; a mental performance specialist; all areas of general medical care and more.

Norton Sports Health

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to get elite care. Sports injuries can be different; find a sports medicine specialist who knows.

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Experience, Expertise and Advanced Technology

Athletes will have access to advanced imaging technology, including computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment.

“We have the latest and greatest imaging technology at multiple locations,” Dr. Krupp said. “No matter when an athlete may have an issue, we can get them the appropriate imaging they need  in a timely fashion.”

According to Dr. Krupp, time is often of the essence when dealing with athletes on a major stage.  Imagine an injury in a high profile game that needs to be evaluated quickly. Norton Sports Health has the equipment and expertise nearby to evaluate the severity of the injury, determine what, if any, acute treatment is needed and how quickly an athlete can return to the game.

Dr. Krupp recognizes that as a sports medicine specialist, he and his colleagues are entrusted with the hopes and dreams of some of the most elite athletes.

“It’s not only getting them back to return to play at their current level or the current game. Many of these athletes have aspirations of playing long beyond their days in college,” he said.

“So that’s a lot of pressure on them and in turn a lot of responsibility for you as a medical provider.”

Norton Sports Health already provides care for athletes at Bellarmine University, the Louisville Bats, Jefferson County Public Schools high schools, the Kentucky Derby Festival and others.

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