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I am not a self-motivated person. I want to make changes but once the going gets hard … I am DONE. When I heard about the Norton Sports Performance program, I was all over it. I have not been disappointed. I have seen Eric (Hammer) talk quietly to a woman who might be struggling on a bike while pushing the rest of the group to “keep going.” This morning we needed to walk with 25-pound weights different lengths of the field. When I first picked them up I thought, “I can’t carry these,” but I am proud to say — I did it! Would I have done that if I was on my own? No way! Was I encouraged to do it? Totally! I am not a morning person, but I don’t mind getting up at 4:30 a.m. knowing that I am doing something that will keep me healthy. I also enjoy that there are mini health lessons at the end of the sessions, too. I am drinking more water now than I ever have thanks to the encouragement and education from Eric.

– Heidi Mack

I never imaged that I would be working out at three days a week at 5:30 a.m. and loving it. I have enjoyed and benefited from each day that I go to class.

The part that I feel the best about is when I achieve something during class that I wouldn’t have pushed myself to achieve if I was working out on my own.

Thank you for leading such an awesome class.

– Hannah H. Hernandez

I want to say a big thank-you to everyone who helped put this program together. Like so many people in the health care field, I focus on taking care of others and have put myself on the back burner. I’m grateful for the tools and support to help me make my health a priority.

I have participated in both the afternoon and morning sessions. In the afternoon class, I know that I am doing more than if I attempted to do this on my own at home, but I also know that I am not meeting my full potential. In the morning class, Eric [Hammer] pushes me so that I don’t stop at what I think I can do, and I surprise myself every class with what I am actually capable of achieving because he doesn’t let me sell myself short. I enjoy the fun, positive energy he brings to the class; he makes the hard work enjoyable. I also appreciate the knowledge he shares with us to help us start making better choices … I am excited to see the person I will be at the end of this adventure and look forward to applying what I learn as I move forward in my journey to be a healthier person.

Thank you!

– Amy Hunchman

The workout was great. I am so thankful for this opportunity! Thanks for your part.

– The Rev. Mary Virginia Burks

My experience the last two weeks have been great. Eric is very motivating and wants to see you get the results you are wanting. I have never felt defeated or insecure. You can tell he has a passion for health and nutrition, and wants to pass that along to all of his clients. He is tough, but without that I would not push myself to my full potential. If I am or if another participant is struggling he will motivate that person or help them to modify so they are still pushing themselves.

In this short amount of time this program has been going on I feel better. Waking up for the 5:30 a.m. class is hard, but with Eric’s fun personality it’s not hard to find the motivation to get going. I am very excited to see to my transformation over the next couple of months and hope to continue on once this program is over.

– Kristen Vest

I have really enjoyed the classes, despite the aches and pains it causes afterwards! Eric can be “in your face,” but in a manner that pushes you beyond what you think you are capable of. Speaking for myself, I appreciate that kind of pushing — otherwise I would be carrying 5-pound weights instead of the 25, or leaving the bike at 8, and not going beyond that. I have also watched Eric work with those of us who are struggling, including me, and stand beside us, giving a quiet word of encouragement, or offering an alternative to what we are doing when it is difficult. I love the variety that is included in each class — none are the same repetitive formats that I have had at other locations, and it makes me almost look forward to that 4:30 a.m. alarm!

Yes, it is tough, and yes he is hard on us, but in reality, most of us wouldn’t be in the shape we are in if we were self-motivated!

– Krista MacArthur

I am having a fantastic time in this program. Not only am I feeling better about my physical body, but I am meeting people … who are on this journey and it helps my mental aspect. We are having such a great time during our classes, and they are so much fun. Every time I go, I am excited to meet more people and see the people with whom I have made friendships already.

– Gina Morrison

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