lifeREADY Testimonials


“This facility is amazing; the coaches are awesome, and the clientele is the best! Everyone is so friendly, helpful and very nonjudgmental.”

– Penny S., lifeREADY athlete

“The workouts are constantly varied to target different strengths and weaknesses. I love identifying a weakness and then trying to improve upon that weakness.”

– Scott S., lifeREADY athlete

“What I like most about Norton Sports Performance is that no workout is the same. I’ve been a member for almost a year, and there isn’t a week that goes by that I’m not introduced to a new exercise. It’s impossible to get bored.”

– Amber G., lifeREADY athlete

“Our players learned to fine-tune technique in the weight room and with speed training. The coaching staff at Norton Sports Performance ensured all players were properly instructed and coached through every activity and exercise, which helped immensely. Immediate feedback and coaching is essential to maximizing player development.”

– Jake Fiorella, Louisville Male High School baseball coach; sportTEAM client

“As an athlete with an injury, the scariest thing is not knowing if you will be able to play your sport again. After surgery you are scared to push hard to the same level. The Return to Play program builds the mental confidence as well as the physical strength to get back to playing your game.”

– – Murphy F., Return to Play client

“The workouts have been challenging and fun! [Coach Eric Hammer] helped me with which weights I should start with and how to do each exercise correctly. I like how there are markers on the turf to keep our distance and how everyone cleans their equipment. A lady introduced herself to me which was the icing on the cake because I like the community aspect of a gym too.”

– – Sarah R., lifeREADY athlete

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