Norton Sports Performance provides a premier system of coaching that is participant-centered and performance-focused. Our mission is to deliver specific training to enhance activities of daily living or sport competition performances, while boosting self-esteem and mental fortitude.

At Norton Sports Performance, we believe everyone is an athlete!

Our team of certified coaches brings over 30 years of experience, to provide the best training to all our members. Norton Sports Performance programs are designed to reduce the risk of injury and setback, optimize your physical and mental development while helping you have success in all aspects of life.

The anatomy of an athlete encompasses a developed mind, strong body and brave spirit!

As the largest privately-owned training facility in Louisville, Norton Sports Performance comprises a 10,000-square-foot turf field surrounded by weight racks and a vast offering of fitness equipment, ensuring every workout offers intentional variety. Over 50 class options are available weekly, with additional sport team clinics and special events available to train, educate and inspire our members.


Adult fitness programs led by certified instructors empowering you to approach movement with confidence and achieve your wellness goals.


Student athlete programs designed to improve athletic confidence and ability to gain an edge on the competition in any sport.

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